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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Samsung S4 vs HTC One DOg fight comparison

The clash of the titans! The hottest smartphones of the moment, and probably the two best Android smartphones ever made, meet today in what’s possibly the most exciting Versus article of 2013. But before we dive in, let’s properly introduce our two combatants.
A quick look around the tech blogosphere tells us that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the Android smartphone that gathered the most hype on its announcement date. Obviously, a very good sign for the South Korean manufacturer, as the predecessor of the S4, the Galaxy S3, is the best-selling Android smartphone of all time.
With Samsung’s marketing muscle behind it and a huge base of loyal fans, the Galaxy S4 shapes up to be a hit. If you’re looking for a full review of the Galaxy S4, Joshua Vergara has got you covered with his extensive analysis. The bottom line is that Samsung improved on the Galaxy S3 in all areas with this new iteration, while also adding some very interesting software features.
In the other corner, Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has a lot of hope in the commercial success of the HTC One, regarded as the last chance for a turnaround for the ailing company.
Unlike Samsung, HTC decided to think outside the box with the One, equipping it with several unique features. For a full review of the HTC One, make sure to check out Kristofer Wouk’s article.
But what are the main advantages of the HTC One when pitted against the Samsung Galaxy S4? Where is the Galaxy S4 shinning when compared to the One? Join us for a full comparison. For a hands-on video of the Samsung Galaxy S4 versus the HTC One, see the video.


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